The CDC is a site that all healthcare workers should visit. Healthcare is such a big beautiful melting pot of many different cultures from all around the world. That being said, many healthcare workers travel every year outside of the US. Ideally, healthcare workers would notify the Administrator and/or DSD or Infection Preventionists of their plans to travel abroad. (also new requirement)  so that they can check what outbreaks are in the country they are visiting, what vaccinations they need and how to prevent catching any contagions.
They should also complete a symptoms checklist or be monitored in some way when they return. It’s a simple thing to do and just makes sense. We all know how difficult it is to contain a communicable disease once it gets into the facility and has been transmitted to staff and/or residents. The CDC is one of the greatest resources for ensuring that our staff traveling out of the country are preventative for themselves, staff and residents. It’s an easy fix but difficult and costly when left alone.