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Lesley Powell & Associates – CEUs


This program is approved by the National Association of Long Term Care Administrator Boards.
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A trusted CEU provider for Nursing Home Administrators

CEU Instructor

I was in entertainment for many years. I wanted to make a difference and I transitioned into healthcare. I wasn’t really sure what that meant exactly but I was quickly led to a path. I was a Counselor, a Primary Counselor and Director of Social Services in an Special Treatment Program (STP), Administrator of a group home for the Mentally Ill, Director of Social Services in a SNF and soon after began my AIT program. I knew my first year in the STP that I wanted to be an Administrator. Common sense told me becoming an Administrator would definitely put me in a position of “making a difference”. My journey as an AIT wasn’t all that I had hoped for. This realization prompted me to begin the Administrator In Training Prep Course/Program.  There are a variety of people that become Administrators; Dieticians, CNA’s, DON’s, Ex-Surveyors, Business Office, Social Workers, Regionals, CEO’s, Physicians, Nurses, Admissions and Activity Directors, etc. A big thank you to all of you who have been so incredibly supportive and encouraging through the years. It is past AIT’s now Administrators and Preceptors encouraging me to provide CEUs that has brought me to this moment.


CEU Approach:

I’ve made some decisions about my approach in providing CEUs which is different from other CEU providers. This is intentional. That’s not to say that mine is better but in life different people have different needs and preferences. I’ve decided to offer CEUs for Administrator’s only. I’m not a Nurse, Dietician, Activities Director, etc. I am an Administrator and as one of your peers, I walk in your shoes every day. Common sense, simplicity and need are the primary thoughts when I’m creating a course. I will only offer as many CEU courses as are pertinent. The cornerstone for the CEUs will be directly and/or indirectly related to Federal regulations. As Administrators, knowing the Federal regulations is one of our greatest tools. I have never raised my prices for the AIT Course/Program in the name of staying affordable. The CEU courses are also intentionally being offered at an affordable price.

Again, I thank you all for your support.

– Lesley Powell