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Material Resources

TITLE 22 DIVISION 5 (CA State Exam) title22

To order contact Barclays Publishing 800-328-9352 or go to . Ask for CA Code of Regulations Title 22, Licensing & Certification for Health Facilities. They will refer you to the representative in your zip code. Ask for a 20% discount.


There are a multitude of books an AIT can study for the NAB exam. Please contact our office.


Medicare State Operations Manual (OBRAOBRA Regulations

Your facility should have a current copy of the Medicate Operations Manual/OBRA (Long Term Care Regulations). If your facility does not have a copy, go to , or call (800) 438-8884 to purchase. Heaton and Med-Pass are the same resource and publish OBRA Guidelines in different formats. There is a binder of the Regulations that includes a CD, in a cross walk format or in book form where the Federal Regulations have been combined with the Standard Operations Manual and Surveyors Interpretive Guidelines.  You can also go to    and download your OBRA/SOM free of charge directly from the CMS website.



OPTIONAL LINKS Nursing Home Administrator Program and general AIT information The National Association of Boards of Examiners for Long Term Care Administrators. NAB Study Guide California Association of Health Care Facilities Nursing Home Administration Program and general AIT information Current Title 22 Division 5 Nursing Home Administration, 6th or 7th Edition James Allen Current Medicare State Operations Manual/OBRA Current Medicare State Operations Manual/OBRA California Code of Regulations. Title 22 Division 5, Chapters 2.5, 3 & 4 downloads Code of Federal Regulations Title 42 Part 483.1 – 483.95 Medicare State Operations Manual/OBRA- Internet manuals only- Appendix P, Q, PP, Chapter 2,3&7




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