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Testimonial Notice

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Words can’t express my appreciation for this program. Administrator in Training is FIRST CLASS!”

I am happy to inform you that I took the National NAB Exam and passed both sections this morning. I enrolled in your program on June 2nd and passed my exam on August 1st. During those two months, your material, advise, and overall coaching methods supplemented me with the needed tools to conquer this challenge and become a LNHA. The curriculum you provided was demanding and it drove me to put in maximum effort on daily basis to master the exam material. The weekly quizzes were my favorite part as it injected me with confidence after hearing Patricia tell me how well I did answering the majority of the questions correctly! I remember the first conversation I had with Patricia as she explained the program and what it takes to be successful. The most impressive part was that she designed a program to fit my specific needs and time line in which I needed to take the exam. She was so certain that I will be successful if I did the work and stuck to the plan she designed. That confidence transferred into me as I began the program. I committed myself and dedicated time to study and keep up with the accelerated pace. Gradually, I began to realize that I was establishing a strong foundation, not just to pass the exam, but to also practice as a confident administrator who truly understands all aspects of the job. I purposely scheduled the exam on a Tuesday, quiz day! I entered the exam room and sat down in front of the computer with so many mixed emotions, both positive and negative. As I began the exam, my confidence level quickly rose to a high! I was able to confidently select my answers based on the knowledge I had accumulated from studying all the materials the program provided. Half way through the exam, it felt more like a celebration than the daunting task it was meant to be!! I was shocked at how I was able to read the question and know the answer to most of the questions prior to reading the choices! When the moment came to press the complete button and finish the exam, I knew that I passed! I exited the room and went to the proctor table. She printed two pieces of paper for me, one for each exam section. “Congrats, you passed both!” What a feeling!

After that, there was one thing left to do! Call Patricia as promised! I remembered her words to me few days prior to the exam “You have put in the work, I would be shocked if you don’t pass!” Words can’t express my appreciation for this program. Administrator in Training is FIRST CLASS!
Mousa Issa, LNHA, New Jersey

“I never thought after passing my state boards (like a breeze) that I would fail the Federal exam not once but TWICE! I cannot thank you enough for helping me to pass, which seemed to be the hardest test of my life. What a concept! I’m not just paying for information on paper, but a service!”

I’m sitting here on my first Tuesday morning in the same place that I always waited for our Tuesday call thinking about this last week, pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.  It still doesn’t feel real that all of our hard work, phone calls, multiple emails, and tons of questions I’ve had over our course of allotted time to prepare for this test, has finally come to an end.  I know you both know my history but I never thought after passing my State boards (like a breeze) that I would fail the Federal exam not once but TWICE! Failing this test was probably one of the worst feelings; I felt defeated.  I contemplated my career.  Should I even work in healthcare anymore!? Maybe I’m not as good at it as I thought I was or was as passionate about.  One day the girl who started her AIT at the building where I had finished mine said another Administrator in our company had suggested ‘Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training’ prep course.  After already selling a kidney to pay for the prep course material I currently had, I was skeptical to dish out more money for something that could be the exact same stuff.  What if this doesn’t help me either?  I decided to call the number that was listed right on the webpage just to see what it was all about.  No answer, figures!! So I sent an email.  Not even by the time I was done with my email, my phone rings.  It’s Patricia calling me back! Wow, that was fast.  I just so happened to call on a Tuesday and it was explained to me Tuesday is the day that is set aside for the weekly testing/accountability phone call.  What a concept! I’m not just paying for information on paper but a service! The responsiveness and attention to my very first inquiry is what made me decide to start my journey with Lesley Powell’s Course.  Every week I was held accountable to the homework that was assigned to me.  The week before my test was brutal.  I wasn’t sleeping well or eating much. My last call with Patricia was probably the most important, confidence!  It was at that point I realized that of course this exam was important and it was imperative that I passed but no matter what happened on the day of my exam, I KNEW the information this time!  I wasn’t just memorizing definitions or measurements from the LSC, I understood the resident rights, requirements of participation and interpretive guidelines.  At that moment of epiphany I knew without a doubt I was finally going to pass this test! I cannot thank you enough for helping me to pass, which seemed to be the hardest test of my life.  I know when I say I paid for a service how true that was by letting me know this was a lifelong purchase and that you are a resource as I start my career.  I will miss our Tuesday calls and emails of questions and answers but I am so ready to start my new journey as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator!

Forever thankful for you both!
Ashley M. Stamp, LNHA, Valrico, Florida

There are not enough words to explain how happy I am with this course.”

There are not enough words to explain how happy I am with this course. Patricia is an absolute angel, she was there for me every step of the way. Lesley has developed a world class prep course, one that I will recommend to any AIT I encounter here in Texas or nationwide. This course really emphasizes learning the material verse memorization, that key factor got me over the hump. I don’t think I would have passed my national exam if not for the dedication and expertise of Lesley and Patricia. Thanks again ladies you ROCK.
Winston Russell, LNHA, Arlington, Texas 


 “Couldn’t have done it without you”

Do not give it a second thought, TAKE THIS COURSE!! Without a doubt this was the 2nd best thing I did (1st was getting my dog). The material provided was exceptional. However, the support from Patricia and Lesley was beyond exceptional. They really care. They care about you passing, but they care about YOU and your future in becoming a LNHA.  They  provided all the tools you need, because they want you to learn and really comprehend the course material. I will forever remember and cherish the quizzing sessions with Patricia, and how quickly Lesley would respond to  my questions via email. I thank you both, Patricia and Lesley for your time, support and encouragement through the entire process.
Alisa L. Proffett, LNHA, Los Angeles, California 



“I was studying for my federal exam for months, but I would fail the practice exams because I was studying the wrong information. The program really does help you pass the Federal exam!”

Passing my exam the first time was never a thought in my mind! I was studying for my federal exam for months, but I would fail the practice exams because I was studying the wrong information. I heard about Lesley Powell program and thought to give it a try. Patricia was so helpful! She was there to be a shoulder to cry on from miles apart, the quizzing session was very helpful, the advice she gave about the test was amazing and an overall good experience. Lesley’s Powell program believed in me, when I failed to believe in myself. The program really does help you pass the Federal exam! Thank you so much and I plan to keep in touch!
Melanie Sims, LNHA, Canton, Ohio

“The right materials to study. Passed on my first try!”

I have a sales background and have had very limited exposure to healthcare before my AIT program, I procrastinated studying for the exam, last minute my company decided I needed to take the exam in just 4 weeks. I knew I needed help and after extensive research I selected Lesley’s program and fully committed myself exclusively to it. I studied Lesley’s materials for 4 hours per night during a 3-week period and passed the exam on my first try; I never could have accomplished this as quickly as I did without being given “the right materials to study.” It was Lesley’s Powell’s Administrator in Training. which allowed me sift through the mountains of information out there to identify exactly what reading materials I needed to focus my study efforts on. Also I don’t know how Lesley knew what would be on the exam, but most of the federal questions were taken word for word from Lesley’s study guide. I also loved the weekly quizzing which helped to keep me motivated and accountable. In the end I had to do the work, but Lesley’s program provided me with a partner which set me up to succeed during this difficult process.
Eric Myers, LNHA, Preceptor- Provo, Utah  


“I wanted to express my gratitude to you both and the program for helping me gain the knowledge, expertise and most importantly confidence in myself throughout the AIT program”

I wanted to express my gratitude to you both and the program for helping me gain the knowledge, expertise and most importantly confidence in myself throughout the AIT program. After having such a hard time with the RN boards, I was afraid that my experience of being in the field too long would put me at a disadvantage for fear that I would have the mentality of “I already know that”. The course provided me with the knowledge and ability to trust my first instinct and not “overthink”. Patricia, you gave me the best advice at the end of the program that carried me my through the test. “Trust that you know the answer. Give it a few moments to contemplate and then move on.” It was the best advice I have ever received.

Kim Piper, LNHA- Fremont, New Hampshire

“I passed!! I have passed both the state and national and am now licensed. Thank you so much for all of your help! You and Lesley have been great!!
Dylan Barr, LNHA- Gainsville, Florida


“I live in CT and was relieved to find that Lesley’s weekly quizzes were available to us ‘East Coasters’, every Tuesday I was quizzed on the studying materials”

I received a call early this morning from the State of CT licensing board for Long Term Care Administrators, to tell me that my License is being processed. The caller also told me that she was very impressed with my score and had not seen a score that high in a long time. I believe my passing the NAB – on my first try, with such a high score is a direct result of Lesley’s AIT Distance Learning Program.  I live in CT and was relieved to find that Lesley’s weekly quizzes were available to us ‘East Coasters’. Every Tuesday, I was quizzed on the studying materials. Each week, when I thought I never get through it all, I was encouraged and cheered on to success. I felt thoroughly prepared, calm and confident going into the exam. I actually finished early and was able to go back through the entire exam to check my answers! I highly recommend Lesley’s Distance Learning Program.
Karen A Hurst, LNHA- Norwichtown, Connecticut 


“I cant thank you enough”

There is no way on earth to thank you enough. I am so very appreciative of the Lesley Powell preparatory materials and your working with me — not PUSHING me when I didn’t think I had it in me – they and you were the reason I passed the federal test. I can’t thank you enough.
Evita Sherman, LNHA- Baltimore, Maryland  


“The supportive nature of the staff has no parallel”

I enrolled in this class in January of this year. I was looking for a way to make my study time effective and focused, as I have two children and a full-time job. I had no time to study at work, so I sought a course that would keep me on track and accountable for study time. I will repeat what others have said about this examination…there is SO much to know! While the exam is not impossible, I found it to be incredibly difficult. Consistent, focused study time is imperative. I believe, however, that even if I had focused on studying without the guidance of this program, I would not have passed the exam. The accountability the quiz sessions provided was one of the primary driving forces behind my desire to study. The material that is provided with the enrollment in this program also gave an essential point of reference. Without that point of reference, I would not have known where to begin studying for this exam. I credit this program as the primary entity responsible for my passing of the national exam. The supportive nature of the staff has no parallel. I had previously enrolled with another exam preparation service for the California State Board exam, and found their test preparation method to be far less effective than this program. Their staff was not nearly as supportive or available for Q&A, either. Indeed, I had to take the State Board exam twice, which was not the case here. That alone speaks volumes about the quality of service and teaching. As a final note, and as I said before, it is essential to put forth the effort to succeed. I put in many hours of reading early in the morning and late at night to cover the material. Everyone has differing abilities to retain and process information, though – it may take other individuals less time or more time to prepare for this exam. It took me 6 ½ months to prepare due primarily to a busy family life. In the end, though, I had to take the exam only once. That is what matters most…I would not want to be in the position of having to take that exam again!
Simon Holguin, LNHA- Fresno, California  


 “You and Lesley were amazing. I couldn’t of done it without the course!!!”

I took the exam this morning and I passed! I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. You and Lesley were amazing. I couldn’t of done it without this course!!!”

Jaqueline Barbarito, LNHA- Boonton, New Jersey


 “Discouragement was beginning to settle in and I wondered if I would ever conquer the NAB BEAST! I finally had what I was looking for. Structure! I was shown what to study and more importantly, why. Lesley was instrumental in guiding me along the process of preparation. I will forever be grateful to Lesley and Patricia for being there for me. The program works!”

My first exposure to long-term care has come about through my role as Director of Rehab.  While not a therapist by profession, my formal education and experience in business administration have suited me well for this role.  An effective administrative skillset along with a passion for managing people, resources, and projects are indispensable qualities to meet the regulatory and fiduciary challenges facing today’s long-term care industry.  As my scope of responsibilities has gradually expanded to other areas of nursing home operations, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the compassionate work that goes on in a nursing facility.  Before too long, I felt impressed with a strong calling to become a NH Administrator.

After successfully completing the AIT requirements set by the state of Texas, I was given the green light to proceed with the NAB and state exams.  I set my sights on the NAB exam first.  I enrolled in an online prep course that promised guidance and the resources needed to successfully prepare for the exam. However, I soon found myself overwhelmed by the tsunami of resource material provided through the course.  I was drowning! I reached out to my support team but all I got were vague answers to my questions with no clear guidance on how to prepare for the exam.  Discouragement was beginning to settle in and I wondered if I would ever conquer the NAB BEAST!

Enters, the silver lining.  One day, while conversing with my administrator/preceptor about my stagnant progress in prepping, he casually handed me a one-page flyer that had come across his desk only a few days prior.  As it turns out, it was promotional material about Lesley Powell’s AIT state and national NHA prep course.  It was the godsend I needed!

I called the number on the flyer and reached Patricia.  I shared my frustration with her and she quickly set my fears at ease.   I felt understood by her.  She then proceeded to outline Lesley’s proven method for successfully preparing students for the exam.  I felt strongly impressed after talking with her and proceeded to enroll in Lesley’s program.  I finally had was I was looking for.  Structure!  I was shown what to study and more importantly, why.  The weekly quizzing sessions with Patricia gave me instant feedback and allowed me to gauge the effectiveness of my progress.  Lesley was instrumental in guiding me along the process of preparation.  She was prompt in answering specific questions and helped clarify areas I needed help with.  I felt privileged to have access to Lesley’s expertise.

The proof is in the pudding and it came on the day of the exam.  Words cannot begin to express my jubilation after I received the results of my exam. I passed!!!

I will forever be grateful to Lesley and Patricia for being there for me.  The program works!
Joe Longoria, LNHA- Harlingen, Texas


“I passed the NAB the first try! Thank you for preparing, directing and supporting me.”

I passed the NAB the first try! Thank you for preparing, directing, and supporting me. I sincerely appreciate how much you did to get me ready for the test, and how much you encouraged me by genuinely caring about my future. I’m now ready to carry this success to the next level in our home with our staff, our residents, and their families.
Doug Fuller, LNHA- Hayward, California   


“Weekly quizzing kept me on track to meet my goal!!!”

Thank you Lesley and Patricia. Your study materials and layout on what to study helped me to pass my exam. The course materials helped to answer the questions by picking up key words. I studied two to three hours a night for five months to build up my confidence to pass the exam. Patricia’s weekly quizzing kept me on track to meet my goal. If you want it bad enough you will do exactly what they say to do.
Zachary N. Griswold, LNHA- Memphis, Tennessee

“I passed on my first attempt!!!! I could not have done it simply studying on my own”

I passed on the first attempt!!!! I could not have done this by simply studying on my own. The program really lets you know what to study and how to study it. The weekly quizzing played a big role in me passing the NAB.
Javaughn Francis, LNHA- Douglassville, Georgia

“Your program is amazing!!!”

Your program is amazing!!!, and Patricia you are the best!!!. I just recently took my Federal Exam and 75% of the questions that were in the review showed up in my test and the weekly quizzing helped me start up my dedication to review and master the questions.
I passed the test !!!!!!! now I’m working on my STATE exam.
I can’t express the joy of passing this test. It is a must that anyone who takes the Federal and State exam must enroll in your program if they wish to pass. IT IS A MUST……. More power to Lesley and Patricia.
Thank you so much.
Ed Figalan, AIT – Beaumont, California   


“The course is excellent and the materials were very helpful in teaching the concepts, which sets one up nicely for  the critical thinking skills needed to take the test

Over the last 38 years I’ve worked in every nursing job in long-term care. I thought becoming a nursing home administrator was the next logical step for me, and that all my years of experience would make this transition easier.  After speaking with other administrators who said that the test was very difficult, I decided to sign up for a study course. I chose Lesley Powell’s AIT prep course because of their advertised high success rate.  Since my first conversation with Patricia, Lesley’s assistant, I felt relieved. Patricia’s confidence in the course and subsequently in me, was uplifting.  The unwavering support and encouragement from Patricia during our weekly quiz sessions pulled me through many days of self-doubt.  The course is excellent and the materials were very helpful in teaching the concepts, which sets one up nicely for the critical thinking skills needed to take the test. I passed my first time, and I give Patricia and Lesley’s course much of the credit for this. Thank you ladies for helping me take the first steps towards the next chapter of my life!

Rosalee Lampro, BS, RN, LNHA- Dalton, Massachusetts


“A well designed and efficient training program that guides one to the essential materials for success”

Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training Program is a well designed and efficient training program that guides one to the essential materials for success on the NHA exam. The program helped me focus my attention on the specific areas of study in a very compressed time frame which allowed me to pass the federal exam with only 2 months of preparation.
Patricia was instrumental in helping me stay on task, answered all my questions in a timely manner, and was an incredibly positive and encouraging force in my preparation for the federal exam. I have great confidence for success as I prepare for the California state exam with the knowledge that I will be fully prepared for that examination as well, thanks to Lesley and Patricia. It is with much gratitude and without reservation that I recommend Lesley Powell’s AIT Program to anyone looking for a preparation classes to help them become a Nursing Home Administrator.
Dean F. Gosselin, RD, LNHA- Templeton, California 


“Patricia became my personal tutor” 

Close to finishing my AIT program I scheduled my exam feeling fairly confident. As I began to take my exam I realized the information I had studied was not helping me in answering the questions on the exam. Some of the topics of the questions I didn’t even remember reading or studying. The moment had arrived “fail”. God had a plan. I was overwhelmed because quite honestly, I didn’t know how to prepare. Second time around some questions I knew and others I didn’t have a clue. Failed twice then I called Administrator In Training. Over the next few months Patricia became my personal tutor who would call me every week to quiz me and monitor my progress. I took the exam before December. I spoke with Patricia and she supported me. I felt ready and prepared. I passed. Nothing is too high to reach but we must put forth the effort needed to obtain the prize. I thank God for women like Lesley and Patricia. Lesley thank you for being inspired for this vision for an AIT prep class and for caring for people you’ve never physically met. Patricia thank you for mentoring me, supporting me and being my friend. I’’ remember your words to me….Phenomenal!
May God richly bless all who read,
Trina Massengale, LNHA-Trenton, Georgia  


“It is her techniques that have made me successful”

In preparation for the State and Federal exam it is essential to find direction and guidance to be successful. Lesley Powell truly provides the guiding light needed to stay focused and driven. In taking her prep classes she provided the tools, inspiration, motivation and compassion required to conquer what seemed like the unthinkable. There are a multitude of different prep courses available but there is only one that provides an instructor and her assistant Patricia who will individually meet your needs as a student. Lesley Powell is phenomenal because as a Nursing Home Administrator she has once walked in your shoes and knows firsthand what struggles lie ahead. It is her techniques that have made me successful in passing the Federal exam on the first attempt. Lesley not only will provide instruction, but she and Patricia make themselves available for any questions or support you may need throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Lesley Powell for those that have the desire to pass the Nursing Home Administrator State and Federal exams and am forever grateful to her and Patricia for my success.
Michelle Lawrence, LNHA- Porterville, California   

“This program gives you everything you need to be successful.” Their success rate is phenomenal, and if you follow their instructions, you are sure to pass.  Not only will you pass, but you will pass on the first try!!”

Ok, if you have competed your Administrator in Training and are preparing for the State and National exam, then you must go with Lesley Powell & Associates.  Their success rate is phenomenal, and if you follow their instructions, you are sure to pass.  Not only will you pass, but you will pass on the first try!! Patricia was my mentor, cheerleader, and “truth teller”!  This program gives you everything you need to be successful.  What are you waiting for; if you’re ready to pass call them now!

Janine Norris, Baltimore, Maryland


“If felt great to be so prepared”

I took Lesley Powell’s class and was able to successfully pass the Federal Nursing Home Administrator test on my first try. For someone like me who has only been in the nursing home industry for less than a year, it felt great to be so well prepared. I highly recommend taking Lesley’s Federal Exam Prep class.
Kevin G., LNHA- San Diego, California 


“I signed up with Lesley Powell, and realized that it was not the same as many other prep programs”

Well it has been a long and arduous journey and I am starting to get closer to a potential career opportunity. I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training Prep Course. I was very eager to pass the test and after trying a different program that focuses on memorizing the answers, I failed the test by just a few points. I signed up with Lesley Powell, and realized that it was not the same as many of the other prep programs. This program took a moment to adjust to and I realized it was more like a college course, and memorizing was not the goal. This program is designed to teach the AIT to learn the material as it is essential to pass the NAB and will be needed throughout an Administrators career. It takes a little longer but i was so confident going into the NAB, I knocked it out of the park.

Thanks Lesley Powell and Associates for helping me pass the NAB and I am excited to enter the field of Long Term Care Administration.
Thank you,
Jeron Dickson, LNHA – Rupert, Idaho


“I could not have done it without you!”

I could not have done it without you! Besides the knowledge, you also gave me encouragement and pushed me to accomplish my goal of passing the National exam for Nursing Home Administrator! I will forever appreciate what you guys have done for me! Thank You!!! I will always recommend you guys for anybody who is looking to actually pass the exam!! Thank you again!!
Leo Berkovich, LNHA- Reseda, California  


“Thank you so much for your help”

Thank You so much for your help. I couldn’t have passed the National without the help and direction of your program.
Martha S. Eagle, LNHA- Browning, Montana 


 “An ENORMOUS reason for my passing the first time”

“I found Lesley’s program while searching the internet for help to prepare for my exams. I have no background in the health care profession and no experience in any field of profession related to health care. I decided to use her services and I am so glad I did! I was able to prepare well for something I had no clue about and pass my first time taking the NAB exam! I am, of course, using this program as well to prepare for the California State Exam. I am confident I will get the same results as my previous exam. The best portion of this program is the accountability and coaching I received from Patricia. She is a ENORMOUS reason for my passing the first time and I’m sure she’ll play the same role in me passing the State exam as well. Thank you Lesley and a huge thank you to Patricia. You two make a great tag team for success!”
Josh Nichol, LNHA- San Diego, California 


“I passed on my first try”

I wanted to thank you personally, as well as Lesley Powell’s organization, for helping me pass the NAB exam. I passed on my first try! When I first contacted your office, I was so unsure of myself. However, as we worked together through the program, homework, and weekly testing, I became more confident. I was prepared on the day of my exam. Thank you so very much!
Dawn Walker, LNAH- Pinedale Wyoming


“Accountability and direction I received on a weekly basis were crucial”

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Lesley Powell’s Administrator in Training program for helping me pass my Federal exam! I can truthfully say that I would not have passed without the support this program provided. The study materials were effective, but the accountability and direction I received on a weekly basis were crucial. Instead of preparing on my own, I was quizzed on a weekly basis and given helpful feedback and tips before taking my exam.

There are many prep programs out there, but I am confident this one is the most successful! Thank you for the time and foundation you provided! The result of my passing score means that I can now be licensed in the industry I love most!”
Brittany Kostka, LNHA, Preceptor- Glendale, California


“Before I met Patricia & Lesley I had failed the National exam and was in true need of guidance”

“A huge thanks to Patricia and Lesley for all their help and dedication to seeing that I succeed in passing the National NHA exam. Before I met Patricia and Lesley, I had failed the national exam and was in true need of guidance!  I worked with Patricia weekly and she made each of our encounters very personal and made sure to fully dedicate the time we had to just focusing on my needs. They showed me what I needed to study and provided me with tips and suggestions on how to be successful at not only taking the exam but as an administrator as well. I am truly grateful to Patricia and Lesley, I would recommend Lesley’s AIT prep course to anyone in need!”
Andrea O’donnell, LNHA- Seven Hills, Ohio