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Testimonial Notice 

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“Amazing review course”

Lesley’s amazing review course coupled with Patricia’s weekly phone review gave me all of the tools I needed to pass my exam. I came to her course with 4 other co-workers and we all passed. I highly recommend you take this course.
Josh Kauffman, LNHA, V. P.- Beverly Hills, California 


“Administrator In Training is exactly as advertised. The course is worth every penny. There is no better way to prepare then Administrator In Training.”

Administrator In Training is exactly as advertised. I can’t imagine a better and more effective method of preparing than your program. The weekly reviews really kept me on my toes all week. Patricia was so great and I connected with her right away so I just didn’t want to disappoint her when she called. Add to that the amazing flash cards and you have a recipe for success. The cards really focused on the right information. As I was taking the test I kept seeing the card that addressed that specific question. The course was worth every penny. There is no better way to prepare then Administrator In Training.
Thank you for everything.
David Levy, LNHA, Preceptor- Los Angeles, California  


“One of the wisest investments I ever made”

Signing up for Lesley Powell’s AIT classes was one of the wisest investments I ever made. Her classes and the tools she provided were tremendous help in understanding and learning the intricacies of Title 22 and OBRA. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to prepare myself on the very difficult and confusing questions on the State Exam and National Exam. With my determination and Lesley’s AIT classes, I was able to pass the State Exam and the National Exam the first time. I would highly recommend Lesley’s AIT classes to any AITs who has the determination and dedication to pass the State Exam and National Exam.
Rubie Esguerra, LNHA, Preceptor, Regional- Los Angeles, California


“Overall support was amazing!”

I could not have done it without you! The flashcards, weekly tests, and overall support was amazing! I owe my success to you! Thank you very much for everything and I will never forget who was responsible for my passing the exam! You will be the first people I recommend to anyone who is looking to actually pass the exam! Again, I thank you sincerely for providing me the tools and support I needed!
Leo Berkovich, LNHA- Reseda, California  



Although I am a skilled test-taker, I found Lesley Powell’s State exam class to be invaluable. She provides excellent advice and tips, with focused, highly useful study materials. The group setting is motivating, supportive and educational on many levels. I rarely give recommendations, but I do recommend Lesley’s class. Proud to have passed first time around.
Judy Gillespie, LNHA- Oakland, California  


 “If you actually study and do what they say, YOU WILL PASS”

Prior to working in a SNF, I had spent 7 years working in real estate development and had no background in Health Care or running a SNF. I took Lesley’s class to prepare for the CA State Test and she helped me, along with her Administrative Assistant Patricia, learn many aspects about the business as well as prepare me for the test through her study materials. By studying and learning the flashcards and practice questions, I was able to read Title 22 and understand what it was all about. Finally, something that I found very interesting was that on the actual test day, the only people that felt prepared and were not nervous were the students of Lesley Powell because she had thoroughly and accurately prepared us. I highly recommend Lesley’s class to anyone that is preparing to take the CA State Exam and if you actually study and do what she says, YOU WILL PASS.
Kevin G, LNHA- San Diego, California


“I have used another company before but found your data and staff to be what it took to score almost perfect!”

I just wanted to write a quick note, I found out Friday that I slammed the test out of the park. I have found your study materials as well as Patricia to be the best! I have used another company before but found your data and staff to be what it took to score almost perfect! Again, I would recommend this to anyone who wants to achieve success.
Thank you,
Paul Rust, LNHA- Indio, California 


“I highly recommend this class!”

The class, memory cards, and quizzing were not only helpful, but vital for me….I would not have passed without them! I was already signed up to take the state exam, and soon found out how much I needed to do get prepared. The sense of urgency and direction I received helped me focus and prepare. I would have gone in unprepared and failed. I worked hard, got lots of help, and I passed on the first try. I highly recommend this class!
Doug Fuller, LNHA- Hayward, California  


“Invaluable help for me”

Today is a day I will not forget… when I opened the envelope with the results of my State Administrator’s test, I saw the words “Congratulations”! Besides experiencing a grateful sense of relief, I thought of the people who have helped me see that word! Taking advantage of the State and National Exam Prep Classes that you sponsor was an invaluable help for me. The study content, the flash cards, the day of class training, and Patricia’s weekly call to quiz me on the content, for me this was key to assimilating the vast expanse of knowledge required for the test! I will do my best to put it to good use!
Sister Paul Magyar, LNHA- San Pedro, California  


“Guided me step by step- review course is amazing”

I am proud to be a Lesley Powell’s Student. When I started my AIT program I had no nursing background and off course didn’t know about how to prepare for the State and Federal exam. Lesley’s assistant, Patricia not only guided me step by step, but she also showed me the path to how I could study while working. Patricia’s weekly quizzing was a big encouragement for me to continue to study. I got 95% on my exam from Lesley’s class, flash cards, test samples and the materials she has. I think her Flash cards covered all the Title 22 and they’re so easy to study. I recorded all her flash cards and I was listening while driving. It seemed like piece of cake to pass. Lesley is very knowledgeable and her review course is amazing. Currently, I am getting myself ready for the national Exam. I am very thankful to Lesley and Patricia who made the State exam that simple. You just need to follow their advice. I feel like I am blessed to have known them. I would like to extend my many thanks and gratitude to you for your assistance and your help in preparing for the exam. I certainly feel that I couldn’t have passed if it weren’t for you.
Many thanks,
Rupa Sharma, LNHA- Simi Valley, California 


“Explanation of the exam and helpful insights”

Coming into the AIT State Prep class I was not sure what to expect but I can say that my notes, information and study materials were a mess! Because of Lesley’s flash cards, explanation of the exam and helpful insights I was able to organize the materials and information I had gathered, which allowed me to study hard and pass my exam the first time!
Lisa Thomashow, LNHA – San Diego, California


“A Tremendous help”

While doing my AIT program, I heard from various administrators that to pass the state exam is to memorize Title 22. That’s a good start but I do find that Title 22 is very ‘dry’. It’s the correct material but I do need some good tools to prep for the exam. I’m glad I found Lesley’s exam prep class. The flash cards, Q&A books, the class and the quiz are of tremendous help. With the right tools and studying the materials provided, I did make it at my 1st attempt of the state exam.
C. Keng Wong, LNHA- Hayward, California


“The accountability and coaching was great for a person like me. I couldn’t have done it without you two!”

Lesley Powell’s course did it again! The accountability and coaching was great for a person like me. I have such a busy life outside of preparing for a state exam. I would have never been sufficiently prepared if I did not take this course. Because of the accountability and daily schedule Patricia placed me on, I was able to pass the Title 22 CA state exam on my first attempt! Thanks again Patricia and Lesley for being a part of my team through this process! I couldn’t have done it without you two!
Josh Nichol, LNHA- San Diego, California 


“You provided all the tools I needed to help me pass the test!!!”

I want to say thank you for all your dedication in tutoring sessions and all the great study materials which prepared me for my California administrator exam. I’ve been a licensed administrator in two other states, Texas and Louisiana. I had attempted the state exam before and was not successful. You provided all the tools I needed to help me pass the test!!! Thank you.
Jennifer Dudd, LNHA- Texas, Louisiana & California


“I received the results of the state exam yesterday and I passed the state exam!!!!!! I could not do this without your help!!! I truly appreciate the study materials and your weekly quiz!!”

Reiko Kitamori, AIT – Castro Valley, California 


“I PASSED!!!! I could not have done this alone!!!”

I PASSED!!!! I could not have done this alone!!! Yes due to the weekly quizzing and timely efforts of Patricia and Lesley I was able to successfully Pass my State Exam. I am currently preparing for the National  Exam and  feel confident that the Lesley Powell prep course will help me to achieve my goal.
Here it goes and I am stickin to it!!!!!!
Fatima Goncalves, AIT – San Diego, California 

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