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NAB National NHA Exam

Prepare for the NAB/National NHA Exam.
We are committed to helping you PASS!

We are so confident in our prep course, that if you work our program and fail, we will provide you extra time NO CHARGE. To our knowledge, no other  AIT Course makes this bold statement. Our pass rate is Excellent!

“I credit this practice for me passing the State AND National Exams on my first try!”

Exam Prep Course offers an organized and disciplined plan of studying for the exam. All information is relevant to the test and helps understand the material versus trying to comprehend unlimited information from OBRA and Title 22 material. Weekly quizzing kept me on toes the entire time and made me commit to making sure I was ready every week simulating the actual test. I credit this practice for me passing the State AND National Exams on my first try! I am very grateful to Lesley and Patricia for their dedication to their students and genuine care for the success of each individual. Thank you again and I am looking forward to a successful career in skilled nursing!”
Dmitry Estrin, LNHA, Preceptor- Encino, CA

• NAB National Class Registration Includes

  • A 1-4 month prep course

  • 285 National multiple choice practice exam

  • 308 OBRA multiple choice practice exam

  • 259 Life Safety Code, ADA Survey Protocol Appendix P practice exam

  • OBRA review session
  • Q & A session
  • Weekly Homework Assignments
  • Telephone “weekly quizzing” sessions
  • Effective and proven study techniques
  • Up-to date study materials
  • One-on-one competent support system
  • Accountability
  • A structured, goal orientated program and effective study tools which have been proven to provide RESULTS for 10 years

Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training is a unique program which stands out above any other. Why do we make this statement? Because to our knowledge, there is no other program offering the invaluable tools of providing AIT’s with weekly homework assignments, telephone “weekly quizzing” sessions testing AIT’s on their knowledge, providing AIT’s with a detailed plan of action, working one-on-one with each AIT and his/her individual needs, providing structure, guidance and personalized attention every step of the way until the day you take your Exam. We make this bold statement because we stand by it 100%.

Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training has a long history of assisting AIT’s to successfully pass the NHA NAB National Exam. Our goal is to assist you in PASSING the  NAB National NHA Exam the first time

• The NAB National NHA Exam Specifications for CORE & Line of Service 

  • Domain 1: Customer Care, Supports, and Services
  • Domain 2: Human Resources
  • Domain 3: Finance
  • Domain 4: Environment
  • Domain 5: Management and Leadership

• For the NAB National NHA Exam, you will be quizzed on the following

  • Domain 1: Customer Care, Supports, and Services 
  • Domain 2: Human Resources 
  • Domain 3: Finance
  • Domain 4: Environment 
  • Domain 5: Management and Leadership
  • SOM/OBRA Regulations & Survey Process for Long Term Care Facilities 
  • Life Safety Code, ADA & Survey Protocol LTCSP


• Plan of Action
Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training provides all of our AIT’s with a detailed plan of action discussing time frames and objectives for achieving your goal of passing the NHA NAB National Exam. The detailed discussion of your plan of action will include: schedules, study hours, target goal date for your NAB exam, and determining your program structure to suit your individual needs.

Weekly Homework Assignments 
Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training provides the invaluable tool of assigning “weekly homework” to all of our AIT’s in order to provide structure and guidance in learning and comprehending a considerable amount of material for the NHA NAB National exam. As a working Administrator, Ms. Powell recognizes that AIT’s are also working professionals. It is for this reason, Ms. Powell personally created and designed her material specifically for AIT’s with limited time. Weekly homework assignments begin at the time of registration and continues until the day you take your exam. You have 4 months from the date of enrollment to utilize your program for the NAB National Exam.

Telephone Weekly Quizzing Sessions
Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training is a unique program providing AIT’s with structure and guidance every step of the way. Telephone weekly quizzing sessions are a crucial and essential part of our program testing your knowledge and holding our AIT’s accountable on a weekly basis until the day you take your exam. Telephone weekly quizzing is also an important step in order to “gage” where you are in your comprehension of the material. This has proven to be overwhelmingly one of the most effective tools in assisting our AIT’s in passing the NHA NAB National Exam. It is like having a coach push you every week until you are fully prepared to take your exam.

• Quizzing Policy
We have a strict NO quizzing & driving policy. No exceptions!

Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training will hold all of our AIT’s accountable for their study time. We keep a detailed file on each AIT that attends our course. In your file we will know your study habits, strengths, weaknesses and specific areas you need to focus on. Based on where you are in your AIT program, we will provide you with feedback and encourage you to study a certain amount of hours per week. It will be up to you to let us know what will work best with your busy schedule.

• Course Instructor

WHO is teaching you? This is one of the MOST important questions and one that you MUST ask

  • An Industry Leader
  • 5 Star currently Licensed, experienced and knowledgeable Nursing Home Administrator
  • A NHAP Approved CE Provider
  • A NAB Approved CE Provider
  • Passed both exams the first time
  • 10 Years of teaching experience


• The Instructor brings her expertise to you
As an Industry Leader, 5 Star LNHA,  NHAP & NAB Approved CE Provider, Ms. Powell utilizes current up-to date State and Federal regulations needed to manage daily issues that arise in a SNF. These and many more are all issues that you, as a newly licensed Administrator will be dealing with. Ms. Powell brings her experience, knowledge and expertise to you to help guide and prepare you not only to confidently pass both exams on your first attempt, but also to be a competent first time Administrator managing a SNF.

  • Resident satisfaction
  • Annual surveys
  • Abuse reports
  • Census
  • Department of Health
  • Department of Justice
  • Current SNF regulations
  • General ledgers
  • Accounts payable
  • Profit & Loss statements
  • Cost per patient per day
  • QAA & QAPI 
  • Complaint Investigations
  • Staff issues
  • Community relations
  • Screening and admission process
  • Creating and changing Policies & Procedures
  • Plan of Corrections
  • Daily PPS meetings
  • Rehab meetings
  • New Laws
  • Regulatory updates


• Course Instructor
Bottom line, result orientated, interactive course providing structure and guidance as well as effective teaching methods in learning the material. Providing RESULTS for 10 years!

• Price

  • $399.00 – We do NOT charge separately for the materials provided in the course.  Course materials INCLUDED in the price are 285 multiple choice National practice exam, 308 multiple choice OBRA Regulations & Survey Process for LTC Facilities practice exam and 259 Life Safety Code, ADA & Survey Protocol LTCSP practice exam 
  • We do NOT charge you extra for providing weekly homework assignments
  • We do NOT change you extra for telephone weekly quizzing sessions
  • We do NOT limit your questions or phone calls
  • We do NOT charge you extra after 90 days. Our Prep course is provided for 1-4 months for the NHA NAB National Exam with NO extra fees
  • All of the services provided in our prep course are INCLUDED in the price  

 • Refund Policy 

  • We have a no refund policy

 • Payment method 

  • All major credit cards accepted
  • A small shipping fee applies
  • A small credit card processing fee applies
  • Corporate and personal checks are accepted


      Be Prepared!

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” – Darrel Royal

We reserve the right to refuse service.

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