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“They went above and beyond making MY PERSONAL SUCCESS to be their one and only priority”

“The Lesley Powell’s Exam Prep Course Program provided me with the tools, resources, structure & study plan accountability that I needed in order to successfully pass both my State and Federal Exam. They went above and beyond with making MY PERSONAL SUCCESS to be their one and only priority. The support, personal investment and accountability that Patricia (Lesley Powell’s Administrative Assistant) provided to us through the weekly quizzes is absolutely priceless. I couldn’t have done it without their resources, structure and support”
Alexander Medina, LNHA- San Diego, California

“They are indeed supreme teachers, guides, and mentors.”

Ten months ago I completed my 1000 hr. internship and wondered how ready I was to sit for my exams. I went online and took some free practice exams. Not a good idea. I quickly learned that I was far from ready. After researching prep courses I signed up with Lesley Powell and Associates in their distant learning program. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism and helpfulness of Patricia who answered my numerous questions about how I would fit this study program into my already full work schedule. I soon received all my study materials and study guides and got to work. During the first few weeks many questions arouse. I sheepishly contacted Patricia with my numerous inquiries and I was made to feel like I was always top priority. Customer service was 5 star. I found the weekly quizzes to be most effective and kept me on track throughout my prep for the State Exam. I was surprised to discover that after 34 years of working in LTC there was a lot I needed to learn. After 4 months of study, mentorship and support I took the State exam and passed. I was elated. Next came the prep for the National Exam. Once again Patricia was my guide. I actually began to refer to her as my life coach for I got so much more than just weekly quizzes. With them came encouragement, motivational techniques, and support that were genuine. Patricia became my head cheerleader and guided me once again to a passing grade on my first attempt. I did it!!! I will always be indebted to Lesley and Patricia. Each exam I knew they were right there with me. The entire journey took over 10 months. I was never charged any additional fees from the original sign-up costs. Unbelievable when I consider the hours upon hours of assistance they so enthusiastically gave me. It is funny for as thrilled I am to be finished with the time I devoted to study; I do miss my friends at Lesley Powell & Associates. They are indeed supreme teachers, guides, and mentors. They not only got me to passing grades on my first attempts, they made me a stronger, more thoughtful, and educated Administrator and isn’t that what it is all about?
Mark Friedlander, LNHA, Jewish Home of San Francisco

“Passed BOTH tests on my first attempt!! I would NOT have passed the Federal AND State exam without Lesley’s tips, suggestions and materials”

“Thanks to Lesley Powell and her team, my career is 1000% absolutely moving in the best direction. I would NOT have passed the Federal AND State exam without Lesley’s tips, suggestions and materials. I can’t say it enough —> I would NOT have passed!! Plain and simple. I can say this with such gusto and emotion because … before I met Lesley, I failed the State and Federal exams miserably!
After meeting with Lesley and reviewing her material, I passed BOTH tests on the first attempt!! Of course, the test taker has to take the initiative and study the material, but imagine how helpful it is when Lesley’s office calls every week to quiz and test your knowledge. It’s like having a personal trainer at the gym pushing you further and further. Imagine the stress that will be lifted off your shoulders after passing the State and the Federal exam! Fortunately, I don’t have to imagine anymore thanks to Lesley. I honestly don’t know where I’d be if I didn’t sign up with Lesley.
Raymond Pellicer, LNHA, Preceptor- Gardena, California

“Their structure, study materials, and up to date resources were invaluable. The program 100% commits itself to the success of its AITs and that shows in every aspect of their work.”

Lesley Powell’s course undoubtedly helped me pass the state and federal tests. Without their patience, support, and guidance I would have been overwhelmed. It is challenging to study this material let alone figure out what you have to study and how much. Their structure, study materials, and up to date resources were invaluable. I knew everything I needed to know and more. Not only will you be prepared for the tests but you will learn how to be a better administrator! The two things I found most helpful and valuable were the weekly quizzing sessions to hold me accountable and having Lesley as a resource when I had a question. I commend Lesley on staying very up to date on all regulations, changes, and knowing the intricacies of the testing process. The program 100% commits itself to the success of it AITs and that shows in every aspect of their work. I have already referred several people to them and will continue to do so for as long as they are providing their stellar program. I cannot recommend highly enough and encourage everyone to make this worthwhile investment. Thank you Lesley and Patricia!

Camile Christie, LNHA- Berkeley, CA

Just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your help with passing my NHA exams. Your professionalism and expertise are the biggest reasons I passed on the first attempt. I truly appreciated all your feedback and prep material each week. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for being so accommodating and flexible when I needed to make an adjustment.

You have helped change my career path and I will never forget your efforts!

Bill Penrod, LNHA


“The words alone cannot express my gratitude for all the knowledge, confidence and support that your program has provided”

The words alone cannot express my gratitude for all the knowledge, confidence and support that your program has provided. The flash cards alone were so helpful that the only thing that was left to assure State exam passing was just browse through Title 22. For anyone who is going through the AIT program, I would strongly recommend to pay attention to weekly quizzing and Patricia’s instructions.
Good Luck to all and thanks again.
Sergey Yazichyan, LNHA- Mission Hills, California

“Weekly quizzing was a huge benefit”

Lesley’s training program provided a great framework to study and pass both the Federal and State exams on my first try. The targeted training materials allowed me to focus my time on the most important information. In addition, the weekly quiz sessions with Patricia were a huge benefit, as it 1) motivated me to study each week and 2) helped me determine/focus on my areas of weakness. I would recommend BOTH the Federal and State prep classes to anyone wishing to take and PASS these exams.
Michael Ruback, LNHA- Seal Beach, California

“After struggling with failing the State exam multiple times and taking every course available to me, I FINALLY found Lesley Powell.”

After struggling with failing the State exam multiple times and taking every prep course available to me; I FINALLY found Lesley Powell. I took Lesley’s State prep course, followed her instructions on what to study, learned the flashcards provided with the class and I passed!!! (I then took her Federal Prep Course and passed the Federal exam on the first try!)
I HIGHLY recommend Lesley Powell’s prep courses for either the State or Federal exam. Lesley provides all of the tools necessary for one to be successful. She is very down to earth and extremely knowledgeable in the area. Her passion about/for her work is enough to motivate anyone. One helpful aspect of Lesley’s course is her “accountability” expectations. She makes sure that her clients have personal contact with her assistant, Patricia, as often as necessary. Patricia will be sure to do whatever it takes to make sure that all of your questions are answered immediately and even study with you over the phone on your lunch break! It is great to know that you have such a great team just a call or email away! Thank you Lesley and Patricia!
Nikki Ferraiolo, LNHA – Berkley, California

“ Lesley, you are beyond of anything I could have asked for. Creating such a successful and proven system of support and guidance for people. I am forever grateful, honored and blessed to have gone through this and known you. Thank you for everything, best decision of my life!!!!!!!!!!”

October 9, 2017 was one of the happiest days of my life, as I became a LNHA. With the support of your amazing techniques, study information, crucial study material, suggestions, support, kindness, understanding, motivation, guidance and relevance to the needed information, I passed both State and Federal on my first attempts. Having your flash cards and reading material was what helped me pass the State exam on June 7, 2017. Yesterday, sitting there taking the NHA exam, I realized that what you guys say to concentrate on is 100% fact. The questions were very challenging, but your methodology to learning and truly understanding the information and how to critically think and analyze and solve in this industry is what ultimately helped me eliminate the wrong answers and choose the right once. Patricia, your way of being completely professional but yet somehow totally personable while quizzing is so humbling and rewarding. Thank you for your patience, support and wealth of information. I will miss talking to you every Tuesday. Lesley, you are beyond of anything I could have asked for. Creating such a successful and proven system of support and guidance for people. I am living proof that even having a husband, two young children and having limited time, it’s still possible to pass on first time with Leslie and Patricia’s program. I am forever grateful, honored and blessed to have gone through this and known you. Thank you for everything, best decision of my life!!!!!!!!!!
Marina Gorbat, LNHA-Encino, California

“Informative and instrumental”

The AIT State & Federal Prep Classes offered by Lesley Powell were very informative and instrumental in assisting me to pass both the State & Federal Exams the FIRST time. During the class I was instructed on what areas to concentrate on pertaining to the Exams. All of my concerns were addressed and explained to me in a proficient manner. I found the classes to be extremely beneficial and I would highly recommend these classes to anyone who wishes to pass the State and Federal Exams.
Maral Sabounjian-Sarkissian, LNHA – Mission Hills, California

“Excellent job of helping prepare”

I can’t express how good it felt to pass both exams on the first try. Lesley does an excellent job of helping prepare. The classes get right to the point and the flash cards are great.
Kirk Klother, LNHA, Preceptor- Oxnard, California

“I took the State and Federal back-to-back; I passed them, both, on the first try.”

I took Lesley’s AIT training program for, both, the State and Federal Nursing Home Administrator Exams. I found the study guides, flash cards, weekly telephone quizzes and seminars to be informative and quite helpful in assisting me to achieve my goal of becoming a licensed nursing home administrator. I took the State and Federal examinations back-to-back; I passed them, both, on the first try. I found Lesley to be very knowledgeable about Title 22, OBRA and the Life and Safety Code. I recommend her course to anyone who is committed to working toward a dynamic, purposeful and rewarding career as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator.
David Strother, LNHA – Long Beach, California

“One of the wisest investments I ever made”

Signing up for Lesley Powell’s AIT classes was one of the wisest investments I ever made. Her classes and the tools she provided were tremendous help in understanding and learning the intricacies of Title 22 and OBRA. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to prepare myself on the very difficult and confusing questions on the State Exam and National Exam. With my determination and Lesley’s AIT classes, I was able to pass the State Exam and the National Exam the first time. I would highly recommend Lesley’s AIT classes to any AITs who has the determination and dedication to pass the State Exam and National Exam.
Rubie Esguerra, LNHA, Preceptor, Regional- Los Angeles, California

“I credit this practice for passing on my first try!”

Exam Prep Course offers an organized and disciplined plan of studying for the exam. All information is relevant to the test and helps understand the material versus trying to comprehend unlimited information from OBRA and Title 22 material. Weekly quizzing kept me on toes the entire time and made me commit to making sure I was ready every week simulating the actual test. I credit this practice for me passing the State AND National Exams on my first try! I am very grateful to Lesley and Patricia for their dedication to their students and genuine care for the success of each individual. Thank you again and I am looking forward to a successful career in skilled nursing!”
Dmitry Estrin, LNHA, Preceptor- Encino, California

“Passed both State & Federal the FIRST TIME”

I want to Personally thank Lesley Powell and Patricia. Without their class I would not be able to pass both State and Federal exam the FIRST TIME. I also want to express my appreciation for the time and effort that they put in order to make the flash cards and breaking all this massive information into smaller pieces for the state exam. Not to mention the questions on the practice book for National were so straight to the point, making it so easy to remember important facts. Patricia’s weekly quizzing was another motivation for me to be on track because no matter what?? rain or shine… I knew she will call and quiz me.
Teraneh Massoumi, LNHA – North Hollywood, California

“Definitely would not have passed the first time”

I wanted to thank you for the organization of your notes, study material, focus, follow up calls on studying, discussions at class and overall support. I definitely would not have passed, the first time on both the State and the Federal, without your assistance.
Marverich Torcedo, LNHA- San Jose, California

“You will be thankful that she was your NHA coach and instructor”

During my 25 years of medical practice and taking hundreds of seminars, it is my opinion that my attending both the Lesley Powell State and National Seminars, was essential to my passing the exams and my being able to master the needed information with confidence, and also without the fear of being unprepared because of learning outdated regulatory materials.
Some obstacles of the self-learning process without knowledgeable guidance, includes improper prioritization of information, uncertain focus, and misunderstanding, because of a lack of meaningful feedback.
Lesley Powells’ NHA Seminar Courses will help you deal with these obstacles, and other examination challenges like those “vague out of context questions.” She will also organize the factual questions and show you an associative learning process that will make the material easier. You will be thankful that she was your NHA coach and instructor.
Dr. Dennis B. Noss, LNHA- San Francisco, California

“Weekly quizzes paved my path for success”

After successfully passing both the State and National Exams on my first attempt, I can proudly say I am now a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator. My success is largely because of the direction and support Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training Exam Prep provided. With so many materials available to an AIT, there is a tendency to want to read and study it all. This would have been detrimental to me, and would have left me overwhelmed and confused. Instead, Lesley Powell’s Administrator In Training Prep classes provided key materials, identified needed references and offered a structured study plan with proven success. With the continued support of her Assistant, Patricia, I was held accountable to stay on track with my individual objectives and timeline. The material, expertise shared in class, and Patricia’s weekly quizzes paved my path for success. I will continue to recommend Lesley Powell’s Exam Prep to all AITs I meet.
Amber Carlson, LNHA, Preceptor- Sacramento, California

“I pass both exams on my first attempts”

Lesley’s classes helped me to be well prepared for both State and Federal exams, and I pass both exams on my first attempts. I remember that I was so perplexed by even looking at Title 22, and I was so overwhelmed by the study materials out in the market for the Fed exam. I had no trouble reading them, but I failed guessing the correct answer every time I did any quiz.
My response to the above problem was to look for professional help over the internet. It was evident to me that I was unable to prepare for these exams on my own. My search lead me to Lesley’s courses. Last summer, I finally signed up in Lesley’s State class with lots of hesitations and doubts about what this one day class can really do for me? I think I convinced myself to take this class anyway, because it would pay off even if it helps me with 5 more correct answers. I told myself: “Those 5 correct answers could make the difference.” The State course was conducted and filled with additional tips and supplemental questions by Lesley. Amazingly, many of these questions appeared in the State Exam word by word. The rest of the materials helped me to get an in depth understanding of the State requirements and the Title 22 text. October, Sacramento, CA. I PASSED the State exam, and I was the 7th person to finish in the crowd of 139 people. And, I was astonished to witness another one of my classmates in Lesley’s class finished before me!!! This simply told me how helpful Lesley’s preparatory class was to those who want to have a good preparation for the State exam. Now, it was the time to prepare for the Federal Exam. As I mentioned earlier, I was so bombarded by different books and materials which I wasn’t sure where I should have focused. So, I turned to Lesley again to get a study plan and a better sense of direction in order to be fully prepared for the Federal Exam. As always, Lesley’s course materials were eye opening and very informative. I decided to stick with Lesley’s plan of study, and I gave it my best shot. December 31st, Camarillo, CA. Just before the new years eve, I passed the Federal Exam. The monitor showed the word PASS a few minutes after submitting my exam electronically, and I was electrified. At that point, I thanked the Lord, and I thanked Lesley even though she wasn’t there to see my joy.
Nick Nadir,LNHA – Santa Barbara, California

“Well-organized detailed materials”

It is with pleasure that I am informing you that I have passed both State and National Nursing Home Administrator exams.
I was able to do so with your significant guidance. During the time I spent in training, I was able to learn the scope of Nursing Home operations using the well-organized detailed materials, handbooks, practice exams and classes provided by your program.
Not only do I find you to be a skilled trainer, I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your staff.
Special Kudos to Patricia, her patience and understanding played a great role during my training. Her professionalism and choice of words were definitely the reason I chose your esteemed program.
I sincerely want to thank you for all your help.
Maher S. Moussa, LNHA- Oakland, California

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