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How did the Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) get here and why?

Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) has been a long time coming. The QIS survey has been implemented in pilot programs over the last several years. The thought at the time, was that it would eventually replace the traditional survey process. The predominate difference simply put between QIS vs Traditional was Phase 1 and 2 vs 7 tasks, and the biggest difference being the use of a computer in the QIS rather than all manual. The idea was that surveyor findings would be put into the computer and the computer would tell you the rest. But it didn’t really prove to be exactly what they expected and in fact, it seemed a better idea to combine the QIS with traditional rather than replacing it. Implementing LTCSP will take time. That being said, what does that mean for the AIT studying to take the NAB Exam?

What does Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) mean for the AIT studying for their NAB and CA State Exam?

LTCSP does change your study approach and resources. There have been so many changes over the last few years, in particular, the last two years that it’s not about replacing information so much as adding and integrating. Years ago, an AIT knew of OBRA and studied it. The SOM chapters have always been included in the study but small enough that it was easily incorporated without causing panic. However, now due to all of the changes/revisions, AIT’s need to have a much better understanding of where the material comes from and exactly what it is. State Operations Manual isn’t new. AIT’s need to have a much better understanding of not only the content but also how to navigate through much more material in a more efficient manner. Think of it like a library system. You have to know what you need, how to get to and which parts or more or less important. You will need this to study for both the NAB & CA NHAP Exams and also as a working LNHA. To learn the ability to access information from overwhelming amounts of ever changing material alone,  is an invaluable resource for current AIT’s and future LNHA’s.

How will AIT ‘s integrate Long Term Care Survey Process (LTCSP) into their study for the NAB & CA NHAP State exams?

It’s about adding and integrating much more information rather than replacing one with the other. When I began teaching this program, 10 plus years ago, I had AIT’s show up with stacks of books asking me if they needed to read all of them. Being guided in the right direction in an efficient way is necessary in order to stay focused on your objective of passing both the NAB and the CA NHAP state exams. If AIT’s were having trouble then knowing what and how to prepare then I can’t imagine how an AIT would be able today to go it alone preparing for their exams in this ever changing industry.

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