The latest update for the new NAB exam is the time line.

The first date available to register for the new NAB exam is July 1st, 2017. The last day to register to take the NAB exam in its current form is June 1st which means you would have up to June 17th, 2017 to actually take the exam. The blackout dates are from June 2nd to June 30. During that time, AIT’s that have registered by at the latest June 1st, 2017 would be able to take the exam up to June 17th. That said, there would be no other activity, (registration or taking the exam), until July 1st.  With June 17th being the last day to take the current form of NAB exam, July 5th, 2017 is the official start date for the new NAB exam to be administered.

The new NAB exam update means what?

The new Nab Exam date means the exam will be presented or structured in a two part format. There will be 100 core knowledge questions with 50 line of service questions specific to Nursing Home Administration. Remember you are still being tested on the nursing home industry and what you need to know. Think of taking the same exam but just broken into two parts. The content that you must know will be the same. The NAB exam has always tested AIT’s on current regulations and required industry knowledge with the spin of right decision making. This newly structured exam will be no different. If you should fail one part then you will only have to retake the part that you failed.

The most important update in the new NAB exam starting July 5th, 2017 is CMS regulatory revisions, changes and additions.

What is the most important task for the AIT isn’t the fact that the exam is newly structured, but rather all of the many regulatory revisions, changes and additions by CMS. There have been many revisions over the last several years but in November 2016 they changed so much that CMS are calling all of these changes the “mega rule”. The federal regulations have changed by way of already existing content being reorganized, regulatory revisions and all together new F Tags so much so that they didn’t send small inserts for our OBRA binders but rather just gave us practically a whole new book. The good news is that it is all a continuance of already existing regulations and mentality in regards to standard and resident rights. They’ve just made it better, more articulate and clear as to what is expected.

new NAB exam update

Take the easy way and be prepared!

Go to our website  or call 818-882-8188. Of course you can always call NAB direct. We have already updated our materials and our constantly on board as to how we can help AIT’s to not only be prepared for the current exam and the newly structured exam, but to do it with ease, calm and confidence.