AIT preparing for new NAB exam and mega rule

Don’t Panic!

All potential AIT”s and Nursing Home Administrator candidates must be prepared for the new NAB Exam and Mega rule after July 2017. NAB are offering more options for potential Health Care Administrators making it easier for AIT’s to choose their specialty across the United States.  One of the new options is a Residential Care and/or Assisted Living Administrator. A potential candidate can now choose NHA or Residential Care or Assisted Living Administrator. You can choose one or you could take each exam for all three specialties. If you choose all three specialties and take all three exams then you would be called a Health Services Executive or HSE. However, for those of you choosing  to be a Nursing Home Administrator, it will be the same exam just structured differently.

How will the new NAB exam structure affect potential Nursing Home Administrators taking the exam after July 2017?

The AIT will take a 150 question exam as it has always been but now it will be divided into two parts of 100 questions and 50 questions. This means if you fail one part you will only retake that part which you failed. So either you will have to retake the 100 questions or you will to retake the 50 questions. But of course, you are going to pass both parts and not have to retake anything!

How will the new mega rule affect Nursing Home Administrator AIT’s preparing to take the new NAB exam after July 2017?

CMS mega rule came out in November 2016 with Phase I being implemented, Phase II in 2017 and Phase III in 2019. Because the regulations have been so extensively revised and many are new, CMS are calling these many changes and additions the “mega rule”. Each batch of regulations in the mega rule will tell at which point those specific regulations are to be implemented. There have been many regulatory changes for the NAB exam so heads up!

How can you get assistance to successfully pass the current/new NAB Exam and Mega Rule?

Go to   or call Patricia 818-882-8188. We’ve been successfully assisting AIT’s to pass the NAB Exam for the past 9 years. Our pass rate is excellent. Our testimonials speak for themselves.