The mega-rule updates for AIT’s taking the NAB exam starting in July 2017  is causing much stress to many individuals. The regulations have been reorganized, revised and new laws added.

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You got this!

I’ve read articles that say that there haven’t been any substantial changes to the Federal Regulations since 1991. That’s not accurate. There have been and continue to be extensive changes, revisions and amendments to the Federal Regulations. Much of what CMS have done is to reorganize the information. There are many regulations to learn for the NAB exam whether you are taking the exam by June 17th in it’s current format, or if you are taking it in July. Federal regulations have been making many changes in our industry over the past few years. It has intensified and we expect even more revisions in 2017.

AIT’s taking the NAB exam preparing to be tested on the mega-rule are asking themselves “How will I be able to learn all of this information to take my NAB exam?”.

Many of the industry comments to CMS final rule in the Federal Register, were that the revisions to the regulations are so overwhelming that to learn and enforce these regulations, would take away from being able to provide the best care for the residents. In response to these types of comments, CMS stated that much of the regulations have always been there and in fact, they expressed concern that so many in the industry weren’t more familiar with the Federal Regulations. The 3 Phases was to provide facilities with the time needed to implement the Laws. The regulations have either been reorganized, revised and/or newly added. That being said, an individual would have to be quite savvy on the regulations in order to separate the information accordingly. Please see the exact comments and responses on the final rule in the link to the Federal Register article below.

What is the truth for AIT’s taking the NAB exam in July or after in preparing for the mega-rule updates?

It is very important to be guided by someone or an organization who has an excellent command of the laws and regulations. This is key. For the individual who is quite savvy on the laws/regulations, they can see quickly what information already existed but has been reorganized, additions to already existing regulations and more articulation and enhancement on already existing regulations with new additions.

AIT’s taking the NAB exam starting July 5th, 2017 be prepared!

AIT’s will use the tried and true principles that have worked throughout time. Get the right guidance and then do the work. We are here to assist you to pass.  Never has there been a more important time to make sure that you go to a credible and reputable course in order to receive the direction and guidance that you need as you navigate your way to success. You can’t afford not too. or call 818-882-8188.